24 Good Reasons to LOVE Privacy

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When it comes to data privacy, we often hear stories of security breaches, fines, identity theft, surveillance and so on. Well...sometimes it's a good idea to step back and remind ourselves (and you) why we love privacy in the first place! That's why for Valentine’s Day, Feroot reached out to friends, colleagues, experts and influencers and asked  “Why do you LOVE Privacy?”

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Why do I Love Privacy? 

Andrea Amico — Privacy4Cars

Andrea Amico — Privacy4Cars

Cars have become smartphones. They have a growing amount of sensors, they are increasingly connected and they collect an enormous amount of personal data. But, consumers they're unaware. Would you sell your smartphone unlocked and full of your personal data to a complete stranger or to a cell phone dealer? Of course not. That's why we think there's important progress to be made, and why I love privacy for cars.


Dr. Ann Cavoukian  Privacy by Design Centre of Excellence, Ryerson University

Dr. Ann Cavoukian

I love privacy, because it forms the foundation of our freedom. Most people don't make that connection. You cannot have free and open societies without a foundation of privacy. We know this from history. It's no accident that Germany is the leading privacy and data protection country in the world. After enduring the Third Reich and the complete cessation of all their privacy and freedom, they said never again will we allow the state to rob us of our privacy and freedom! So, I always want to remind people, if you value your freedom, you value privacy. Let's make sure we preserve it.

Aran Hamilton  IdentityNORTH

Aran Hamilton — IdentityNORTH


"Privacy is the backbone of identity. Having control over my privacy, allows me to have control over my identity. That's why I love Privacy."




Carlos Chalico —  Ernst & Young, IAPP Board Member

Carlos Chalico —  Ernst & Young


“I love privacy because I love me, and I love you, and I love everyone. It’s a human right for a reason, so let’s defend it with passion!”




Catherine Chen —  IG Liaison

Catherine Chen — IG Liason

“I love privacy because privacy is about control, and is a new insurance in the data-driven economy. It helps companies build customer trust, establish a positive brand reputation and stay competitive. Integrating privacy into a marketing plan can guide companies on strategy development and decision making. More importantly, having an ethical data strategy is a social responsibility.”


Eric Sutherland — Canadian Institute for Health Information (CIHI)

Eric Sutherland


"I love privacy as it enables trustworthiness and builds trust to collect and use data and information for the public good and a healthier Canada"




Emily McNeeley  Attorney, CIPP/US

Emily McNeeley CIPP Attorney"I love privacy because it makes you stop and think about what and why you are doing something. Technology has made our lives faster but in order to fully take advantage of the advancements this provides us as a society, we must first pause to think about our actions, their impact on ourselves and those around us, and then make educated, thoughtful, and informed decisions. Without privacy and without pausing, we lose more than we gain by letting technology into our lives."

George Eichholzer — OneEleven Tech Scaleup Hub

George Eichholzer — OneEleven


"I love privacy because as a business, it forces us to respect the customers information on every interaction and that's going to result in a better outcome for everyone."




Hassan Bhatti — CryptoNumerics

Hassan Bhatti — CryptoNumerics



"Access to more data leads to better AI, but that should never compromise your privacy. That's why I really love privacy."




Ivan Tsarynny — Feroot Privacy

Ivan Tsarynny — Feroot Privacy



"I love privacy because it's one of the pillars of democracies. It's helps build stronger communities, companies and people."




Ivana Bartoletti — Gemserv & Women Leading in AI Network

Ivana Bartoletti — Gemserv


"I love privacy because I love technology. And the more connected we are, the more technology changes the way we live, the more we need to find ways to protect our privacy because privacy is about personal autonomy and it's about human dignity."



John Wunderlich — Information Privacy & Security Expert

John Wunderlich


"Without privacy, I can't find the space to find myself and figure out what and how I want to share with the people in my life. That's why I love privacy."




Matas Sriubiskis — Privacy Enthusiast & DuckDuckGo User, Zoom.ai

Matas Sriubiskis


“Privacy matters to me because it takes away control from companies and gives it back to myself.”




Mano Pancharatnam — Threat IQ

Mano Pancharatnam — ThreatIQ


"The embodiment of Security by design principles within a Privacy framework to safeguard PI while embracing Security and Privacy convergence is what I love about Privacy."




Marcel O'Neil, Benn McGregor & Mio Yamanaka  — CITIZEN HACKS & Waterloo Students 

Citizen Hacks

Marcel: “I love privacy not because I have secrets to keep, but because it's important to be in control of your own data.”

Benn: “I love privacy because it upholds human dignity”

Mio: “I love privacy because it allows for a free and diverse society”

Paul Marek — MiDATA.io

Paul Marek MiDATA


"I love privacy because... without privacy, there is no freedom. (Ya, I stole that from Dr. Ann Cavoukian — but it's true!)"





Peter Kosmala, CIPP — Privacy Leader & Speaker
Peter Kosmala

“I love privacy on Valentine’s Day because how more romantic a public policy issue could you have? It elicits great passions and points of view and magnetically draws together all sorts of diverse peoples (whether or not they ultimately match well).”



Richard Hogg — Global GDPR Evangelist, IBM

Richard Hogg — IBM


"I love privacy because my identity, my freedoms and my ability to have second chances, are a personal passion every day."




Sharon Bauer — KPMG

Sharon Bauer


"We've all given away our private data in exchange for the convenience of online service. But we can do so in such a way that promotes consumer trust through the power of transparency and accountability. By doing so, we encourage innovation in an ethical and responsible way. That’s why I love privacy."


Sharon Polsky, MAPP — Privacy & Access Council of Canada

Sharon Polsky — PACC


"I love that organizations are at long last realizing that building genuine privacy into their products is the best way to improve their bottom line. I also love that privacy is finally being included in curricula so the next generation of app developers, teachers and lawmakers will be able to build genuine privacy into everything they do!"


Stephanie Davis — Deloitte Canada

Stephanie Davis — Deloitte Canada


"What I love about privacy is that it's all about freedom. Freedom for customers in knowing that the data that they're giving an organization is secured and maintained and freedom for organizations and knowing that the data they have and are using also adheres to customers rights and maintains customer trust."


Tara Taubman-Bassirian LLM — Privacy Consultant, Voted "Privacy Hero of the Year"

Tara Taubman-Bassirian


"I love privacy because I am aware of the consequences of pervasive surveillance and the dark side of the data brokage business."




Tim Clements CIPP-E, CIPM, CIPT, FIP 

Tim Clements CIPP-E



“I love privacy because the challenges just grow and grow...”




Vitaliy Lim — Feroot Privacy

Vitaliy Lim — CTO, Feroot



"I love privacy because it makes the internet a safer place to be."




Now that's a lot of good reasons to love, defend and cherish Privacy! Happy Valentine's Day everyone and thank you to our friends, colleagues and privacy experts for sharing their love of privacy with us!

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