Is Your Website Leaking Data? Automotive Industry Report

Providing a digital customer experience has become the new norm for businesses and organizations today. As a result, marketing, customer success, HR and other departments are employing an increasing number of digital tools and new technologies to achieve business goals.

The problem is, these tools are changing so rapidly that privacy and security professionals can't keep up! In our Hidden Data Collection Report (soon to be released) we scanned the websites of 12 industries to better understand the prevalence of data collection done by third-party tools. Here's what we found for the automotive industry. 


 Are you potentially leaking data across borders? Do you have unauthorized third-party tools on payment and login pages? Sign up now and we'll provide you with a FREE WEBSITE SCAN to find out.

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Picture of Lori Smith
Lori Smith
Lori is marketing lead at Feroot Privacy

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