The PrivacyOps Framework: A Holistic Approach to GDPR and Privacy Compliance


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Although most large companies have spent hundreds of thousands, if not millions, of dollars preparing for GDPR and other privacy regulations, many organizations are still struggling with the day-to-day complexities of consent management & privacy compliance operations. For instance, updating your privacy policies are just the first step. There's still a lot to do to manage subject right obligations and subject access requests.

Our study found that most organizations are not yet ready to manage their processes effectively or efficiently and, as such, they leave themselves at risk of non-compliance. Ongoing management of privacy obligations is complicated. Many stakeholder touchpoints must be routinely coordinated in order to process requests effectively and be documented for compliance and legal purposes.

Spreadsheets and traditional point-to-point privacy software can’t scale and perform ongoing management of the new data relationship model in which data flows from the subjects (people) to data controllers (service providers), and data processors (third-party vendors).

We found that most organizations aren’t prepared, nor do they have any embedded controls for managing data privacy across their third-party vendors, for on-premise applications, and for AI systems.

That’s why we’ve created the PrivacyOps Framework.

PrivacyOps has one job: drive growth through a responsible use of data by embedding privacy controls into products and services.

PrivacyOps’ holistic approach has four key benefits:


PrivacyOps aligns departments and their stakeholders. This ensures privacy initiatives have a measurable business impact. When an organization is aligned, it generates more revenue at a reduced cost, and brings new data-driven products to the market.


GDPR and other privacy regulations require changes to policies, operations, and products, not just for compliance reasons but also to foster user trust. The PrivacyOps framework enables organizations to operationalize privacy effectively, achieve proper consent management, maintain accurate data inventorization, and augment user transparency, and privacy controls.


PrivacyOps assumes operational and technical privacy overheads that allow marketing, sales, customer service, HR, and other departments to focus on their core goals, objectives, and KPIs.


PrivacyOps helps to identify and remove roadblocks. It works with the concept of accountability, careful planning, and the implementation of privacy operational controls across the full data lifecycle flow and across departmental, organizational, franchise and other enterprise boundaries.

These benefits transform privacy from a risk avoidance function into a business that increases, revenue and market share.

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