ON-DEMAND WEBINAR — 5 Ways to Integrate Privacy into Your Business Strategy & Product


In this webinar, Dr. Ann Cavoukian — creator of Privacy by Design — and Ivan Tsarynny, CEO of Feroot Privacy, discuss strategies for integrating privacy into your business strategy and product.

You will learn: 

  • The 7 Foundational Principles of Privacy by Design 
  • How to create a business case for privacy that's benefits-focused and persuasive
  • Best practices for integrating privacy controls into marketing
  • New ways of bridging data across departments (ie., PrivacyOps)
  • Frequently asked questions & challenges (and answers!)
Watch the Recording on YouTube

YouTube Link: https://youtu.be/PqLy-IBDiGI

View and download the slides on SlideShare

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Lori Smith
Lori is marketing lead at Feroot Privacy

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