WEBINAR — GDPR One Year Later: What can we learn from the first wave of penalties?

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Only one year into GDPR and we’ve seen 95,000+ complaints to the European Commission, 255 cross-border investigations and several high level cases — including a $50 million fine to Google for lack of disclosure.

As regulatory enforcements intensify across EU jurisdictions, what strategies should organizations employ to more effectively reduce risk and fines?  

Hear from James Tumbridge, a lawyer with the specialist law firm Venner Shipley and one of the authors of the UK Data Protection Act 2018, and Ivan Tsarynny, CEO & Founder of Feroot Privacy, to discuss the unique data protection laws of EU jurisdictions and the potential impact on business operations, expansion plans and governance structure.

Topics for discussion include:

  • Lessons learned from the courts, regulator inquiries and fines over the past year
  • How to stay informed of current privacy regulations by learning about those who have been impacted already
  • Significant trends in GDPR behaviours, such as increasing Subject Access Requests
  • An overview of jurisdictional regulations & how to best prepare
  • Key issues to keep in mind for governance, corporate structures and domiciles in data protection terms


James TumbridgeJames Tumbridge is one of the authors of the UK Data Protection Act 2018 that implemented the GDPR in the UK. He is a lawyer with the specialist law firm Venner Shipley that work exclusively with technology clients and regularly advises clients on a global basis on the structure and approach to data collection and holding, as well as international data transfers and compliance issues.


Ivan with border (2)Ivan Tsarynny has centered his path on helping companies turn privacy compliance from a liability into a competitive advantage. A member of the GDPR Advisory Committee at the Standard Council of Canada, Ivan is dedicated to helping companies and organizations build a cohesive standard for privacy management and reduce compliance risks and penalties.


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