What the Heck is PrivacyOps?

  What the Heck is Privacy Ops_

Most large companies have spent hundreds of thousands, if not millions, of dollars preparing for GDPR and other privacy regulations, and yet, many organizations are still struggling with the day-to-day complexities of consent management & privacy compliance operations. For instance, updating privacy notices and building a data map are just the first steps. These updates don't actually help you operationalize privacy requirements, interact with the data, respond to a request to be forgotten, or rectify inaccuracies. Plus, you have to continually update your data inventory with newly added PII and third-party vendors to keep it accurate and useful. This granular level of insight, detail and ongoing maintenance is unprecedented and everyone is struggling to solve it!

This is where Privacy Operations comes in.SupermanFireworks

Privacy Operations, or PrivacyOps, is a new functional group and an emerging department that manages the full range of privacy operations across Marketing, Sales, Analytics, Services, HR and back-office operations. Privacy Operations unifies data governance and operation silos across all functional areas including: privacy and access governance, on premise operations and third-party processing. 

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What does PrivacyOps Success Look Like?

PrivacyOps leaders provide key stakeholders (customers, employees, and partners) the means — through an automated, user-centric, and always up-to-date experience—to intuitively, easily and respectfully exercise their privacy and data access rights.

Privacy and access controls systems detect, predict, and report non-compliant events; they operate across all departmental and intra-organizational boundaries; and they are always prepared to demonstrate proof of privacy and access compliance.

  • Individuals can intuitively and easily exercise their rights via an up-to-date user-centric experience, and be assured that their rights are respected

  • Privacy and Access controls are part of technology solutions

  • Fulfilling privacy and access obligations is a routine and automated activity

  • Privacy and Access controls systems detect, predict, and report non-compliant events

  • Privacy and Access natively operates across all departmental and intra-organizational boundaries without data and information silos

  • Organizations are always prepared to demonstrate proof of privacy and access compliance

How Can You Learn More about PrivacyOps?

Glad you asked! Feroot interviewed data privacy, governance, access rights, cybersecurity, IT operations, enterprise planning, marketing, sales, and customer success experts across a wide variety of industries to create the definitive Privacy Operations Framework. Just click on that link and read away! We're always open to feedback, so feel free to contact us to share your thoughts (info@feroot.com).

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About Feroot Privacy 

Feroot is a Privacy Operations Platform that transforms your static data map or inventory into a dynamic data registry, so you can automatically manage data across all departments, automatically track consent across third-party vendors and quickly respond to Subject Access Requests. Request a demo today to learn more.

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